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Recognize: God's Trying to Get Your Attention

The truth is right in front of our eyes, and God is trying to get us to see it clearly. While the ways of the world sometimes distract us from experiencing the power of God and hinder us from walking in His purpose for our lives, the Lord has not given up on us. He still has a life-changing message for us!


God desires for us, His children, to see Him as more than a genie who can make all of our wishes come true. He is much more than that! He has given everyone a measure of faith, and while there are higher heights and deeper depths to attain in our faith and in our relationship with Him, He insists that we all build upon a firm foundation.


This book serves as a reminder to each of us who claims salvation through Christ, that God our Father has a powerful plan in place to bless us as we fulfill our purpose in Him; we just have to RECOGNIZE.

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