God's Trying to Get Your Attention
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God's Trying to Get Your Attention

Recognize pinpoints the not-so-pretty truth that many of us seek healing by trying to convince ourselves that we can do it, or that we got it. While that may be a great way to cheer us on, we are reminded that that mindset doesn’t align with God's teachings. In the same way, the book explains that as believers we are all here to contribute to the mission God gave us, and in order to do the work the Lord has set for us we must know not only who we are in Christ but know who He is and that we are made in his image. Therefore, in order to please God with our priorities we must first understand the purpose he has ordained for our lives and pursue that. After, reading this book, I feel challenged to prioritize the purpose that God has for my life and seek His desires over my own.


Jacksonville, FL

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